Bandoneon Method

Don Benito

From the scratch to complex arrangements. audio, video, graphics, exercises and tango arrangements for an easy and entertaining way of learning. Don Benito Bandoneon Method results from Luciano Jungman's vast experience as a professional bandoneonist and teacher. It addresses different levels of musicians and takes students from the basics to the performance of complex arrangements. Don Benito Bandoneon Method consists of two books written in English, which include a CD with demo or play-along audio tracks as well as video tracks. The books introduce students to the notes and chords using pictures of both keyboards.

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Bandoneon Classes

Music School Zug and Classes in Zurich

Since he moved to Switzerland, Luciano Jungman offered Bandoneon lessons in the Studio that he shared with other artist in Zurich: . Since 2016 he also teaches Bandoneon at Zug Music School


Luciano Jungman

Tango Orchestra Curse

Once a year, together with other Tango Teachers, Luciano Jungman offer a Tango Orchestre Curs. It's specially dedicated for musicians who might like to get deeper on Tango style and would like to have the experience to play in to a Big Tango Orchestra. Bandoneon, piano, contrabass, violi, viola and cello are the instruments wich take part on this Ensemble.